Warrant executed in North Hull to tackle drugs and ASB issues

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5th April 2018
Do you live on the Great Thornton Street estate in Hull?
6th April 2018

Warrant executed in North Hull to tackle drugs and ASB issues

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Humberside Police officers carried out raids in the force’s crackdown on antisocial behaviour which has blighted the lives of numerous residents living in the North Hull area.

Chief Inspector Michelle Garlick said: “The community in north Hull have been telling us through various means, through the press and social media, that things have not been good in their area.

“Sometimes, our crime logs do not reflect the level of what people have been putting up with. We wanted to do something to respond to that and make sure the community are aware we are hearing what they are saying.

“Operation Ambush is a two-pronged approach including enforcement and engagement. We’re making sure we are out there in the community talking to people and listening to what they have to say and encouraging them to sign up to our community alerts so they know what we are doing to tackle issues important to them.

“With enforcement we have dedicated antisocial behaviour teams. I have taken neighbourhood policing staff from across the city and moved them to the north Hull area so there will be more resources there than we normally have.

“Drug activity is one of the underlying issues of crime and antisocial behaviour, be it people coming to the area to buy or sell drugs, or confrontation between rival groups of people. It is well known people’s behaviour changes when they take drugs and this really is a cause we are chipping and chipping away at.

“One group of people selling drugs in this area are now all in prison. This gets the message out that we are not just going to stand back and do nothing.

“We are also getting the parents of these kids involved. We have a really good relationship with our various partners including Hull City Council, their Neighbourhood Nuisance Team and also housing officers.

“Many of these young people live with their parents in houses owned by Hull City Council. If they are causing problems their parents could be breaking their tenancy agreements.

“The raids today came following concerns raised by members of the public.”

Inspector Paul Bennett from Humberside Police’s Proactive Unit said: “A warrant was served under the misuse of drugs act at a property on 5th Avenue, Hull this morning. A small amount of drugs was found and the male occupant was dealt with by means of a warning.

“Further police action in north Hull at a separate address resulted in a 37-year-old man being arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a class A drug. A large amount of a class A substance was seized.

“Later searches at addresses linked to the arrested man led to the seizure of other large quantities of class A controlled drugs.”

If you have any concerns we want you to report it. Please call 101, report it on our website or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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