#We Made This – Postcards from Hull: March – September 2020

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18th March 2020
Hull: Drugs seized and three arrested
19th March 2020

#We Made This – Postcards from Hull: March – September 2020

Do you / your (grand) kids / friends / family like a bit of crafting? Think you might go spare if you have to mostly be at home with not much in the way of social contact? Then we’ve got a project for you!

We Made This next community craft project, Postcards from Hull, was meant to be a traveling exhibition built around our monthly Maker Days, but we’ve tweaked it and turned it into a virtual one – that everyone can add to!

* The Project *

Based on a suggestion made by several members at our AGM in August 2019, this project will see makers paint draw, stitch, collage etc. a Hull-themed postcard to add to our virtual exhibition that grows as it goes.

This was meant to be a traveling exhibition built around our monthly Maker Days, but in the light of recent developments, we’ve tweaked the concept and decided to capitalise on the fact that we already have a strong online community, by setting up a separate Facebook group where people can upload their finished postcards, as well as view and comment on those of other participants – an Online Community Exhibition Space, if you like.

This approach not only ensures continuity of our projects, but will also hopefully make a small contribution to combatting the social isolation that some of our makers might be experiencing under the current circumstances.

We will collate all submitted postcards in Facebook albums, as well as an online gallery on this website for general viewing. We do also still hope to have a final exhibition ‘in the real world’ later in the year – provisional arrangements for end September / early October have been made with Hull Truck Theatre.

* The Brief *

So, what would we like you to do specifically?

* Create a 4″ x 6″ (10cm x 15cm) postcard, leaving a bit of an edge all around, so that as and when we do exhibit them in the real world, we can hang them without damaging the image.

* Hull-themed: Anything you like – person, place, landmark etc. – so long as it’s family-friendly (all our projects are open to everyone and anyone, so we need to bear that in mind).

* Medium: Again, anything goes. You could even make something in 3D and take a photo of it to turn it into a postcard.

* If you include (a) photo(s) or text (e.g. a poem) on the front of your postcard, these must be your own. Exceptions are any elements which are clearly ‘collaged’, standard postcard phrases (‘Welcome to Hull’) and well-known quotes (which must be clearly indicated as such).

* On the back of the postcard, please write a short text, e.g. explaining what it depicts (if not immediately obvious), why you chose the subject, or something about the craft techniques used.

* On the back of the postcard, please also include your name, first part of your postcode (HU3, HU5, etc.) and your age – the latter two for evaluation purposes.

* When you’re done, please post a picture of both sides of your postcard in the Postcards from Hull Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2558184434423100/

* If you or someone you know who might like to take part are not on Facebook, you can also submit postcards via wemadethishull@gmail.com.  A postal address is available on request. We will ensure these cards get put up both in our Facebook group and our website gallery.

* Feel free to make and post as many postcards as you like, but note that if we do end up exhibiting them in Hull Truck, we will limit the number of entries to two per person, due to the relatively limited space available.

Full details here: https://wemadethishull.wordpress.com/postcards-from-hull-march-september-2020/ and in the Postcards from Hull Facebook group.

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