We need your feedback!

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27th June 2019
Stay informed about Policing in Hull
28th June 2019

We need your feedback!

The Neighbourhood Network are hoping to soon be in a position to loan out to members, an ‘absence from home security pack‘.

The contents of the pack will include;

  • Movement sensitive camera
  • Light switch timer
  • TV simulator
  • CCTV warning signs
  • Security advice card.

The idea is this pack would be available for use by NN members going on holiday or going into respite care; where their homes would be left empty for a period of time.

We are wanting to know if you or your friends and family have had their homes burgled whilst away or if this sounds like something you would be interested in? Or is there a product that should be on the list?

Any comments or thoughts would be greatly received, just let us know at office@nnetwork.org.uk

Thank you – NN Team

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