Hull: Love your street Launch

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5th October 2018
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8th October 2018

Hull: Love your street Launch

This week has been the official launch of the Hull City Council’s Love Your Street Project, of which Neighbourhood Network have partnered. 

This project will involve residents, landlords, community groups, university students, and other stakeholders all working together to make a visible difference to their communities.

They are wanting to get to the root cause of different waste issues, and use measures to counteract them. This would include listening to resident priorities and planning action days.

They believe that this would make Hull a better place to live, and can only be done if they work together with the communities.

What they want to do

  • Reduce fly-tipping
  • Reduce littering
  • Prevent graffiti
  • Increase community and landlord engagement
  • Lower the amount of contaminated bins
  • Bring about a greater feeling of community
  • Increase waste management education and knowledge
  • Help you, as the resident(s), achieve the above and be the Legacy in your community

As a part of this project they will undertake actions around the city, to assist residents and tenants in knowing how to manage their waste effectively. Some of the various actions that they will be doing are listed below;

  • Door to door knocking and speaking with residents
  • Community Action Days
  • Litter picks
  • Providing ongoing support to residents and community members
  • Working with community groups, including schools

These methods have been chosen to allow them to talk to residents at their homes, as this is more convenient. They will be able to stress the importance of recycling, and the advantages and disadvantages of not managing waste effectively. They will be able to listen to the complaints and concerns of the local population, and provide advice or offer actions to overcome them. As well as this, they will be able to provide real world examples of what can and cannot be recycled, and show just how easy recycling actually is. In addition to this, by being visible in the area and collecting litter, they aim to have a trickle effect and encourage local residents to have pride in the community and make it a nicer place to live. By providing support, they will ensure that residents are constantly aware of what they can do, feel a part of a wider team, and be more empowered. By working with community groups and schools, they would work with children and promote positive actions that they would take with them through to adulthood.

How to tell us about your issue or problem

Call us on                                               01482 300300

Use our online reporting tool on

Email the team on                     

Tweet us on Twitter at:                       @LoveYourStHull