Volunteen Plus Ambassador Opportunity

Police target burglars in St Andrews, Hull
20th October 2017
Hull Aid in Sickness Trust
20th October 2017

Volunteen Plus Ambassador Opportunity

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As a Young Ambassador you will learn to:

 Research and identify needs, assets, and interests in your community and possible service projects needed.
 Work effectively with young people from unique perspectives and backgrounds.
 Budget, address an audience, and delegate responsibilities.
 Engage within a team of young people and professionals.
 Work with the voluntary sector and gain an understanding of their role within the community.

As part of this group we ask that you will:

 Attend most of the introduction sessions we offer.
 Be the voice for young people in your community and help to plan and implement youth provision.
 Evaluate proposed programmes or workshops that Volunteen + deliver.
 Represent young people as an ambassador of the Volunteen+ project.
 Speak out for Volunteen+ at various national and local conferences as well as press / media functions.
 Have fun!

If you think this opportunity would suit you or someone you know, click below for more information:


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