10th November 2021
Menopaus'ull Library - Neighbourhood Network Hull

Menopaus’ull Library

There are so many books on the menopause, where do you start?! Why not check out our library of books whether its self-help, holistic approaches or just a fun, laugh out loud book which all focus on the menopause. There is no need to spend thousands of pounds on purchasing books when you can loan them, free of charge, from the Menopaus’ull library.
10th November 2021
Menopaus'ull News - Neighbourhood Network Hull

Menopaus’ull News

Find out all the latest menopause news locally and nationally.
10th November 2021
Menopaus'ull Bone Health Programme - Neighbourhood Network Hull

Menopaus’ull Bone Health Programme

As part of the Menopaus’ull project, the team are working with the University of Hull biomechanics department to conduct research into bone health of menopausal women. To be part of the research cohort or to learn more check out the information here.
10th November 2021
Menopaus'ull Exercise Directory - Neighbourhood Network Hull

Menopaus’ull Exercise Directory

The team at Menopaus’ull understands that exercise isn’t for everyone and that as we get older, we can’t do as much as we use to when it comes to exercise impact and intensity. The team have pulled together a directory of exercise activities based in Hull that will suit a range of abilities and levels especially aimed at menopausal women.
10th November 2021
Menopaus'ull Resources - Neighbourhood Network Hull

Menopaus’ull Resources

Instead of spending hours scrolling through the internet searching for answers when it comes to menopause information, we have pulled together resources which have been sourced locally and nationally just for you!
10th November 2021
Menopaus'ull Events & Activities - Neighbourhood Network Hull

Menopaus’ull Events & Activities

Find all the latest events and activities organised by the Menopaus’ull project.
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