Shining a light on our Neighbourhood Watch members in Hull – Allderidge Avenue NHW

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2nd April 2020
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Shining a light on our Neighbourhood Watch members in Hull – Allderidge Avenue NHW

Neighbourhood Watch has evolved so much over the years, gone are the days of curtain twitching, there is so much more to being part of a Neighbourhood Watch group, its cool to have a neighbours group now, and lots of people are developing their own rules. From using social media platforms to share information, hosting ‘Playing Out’ sessions on their street, to calling themselves ‘Friends of…’ or ‘Networks’ or ‘Community group’ instead of the traditional name of Neighbourhood Watch but in essence they all have one thing in common, bringing the community together and addressing issues that matter to them!

We are always encouraging our members to let us know their good news stories, showcasing their achievements to share with our member groups and this week we are featuring the activities of Allderidge Avenue Neighbourhood Watch.

Allderidge Avenue Neighbourhood Watch

This group has been active for over 25 years, which is an amazing achievement. They continue to support one another when needed and in difficult times. One tradition which they have continued to maintain over many years, is their yearly Christmas Eve Carol Service. From the younger residents to the older, everyone comes out on Christmas Eve to have a sing along, they use this opportunity to raise money for a local charity with the 2019 Carol Service raising £200 for the Air Ambulance.

Thank you for allowing us to share your story and for the fantastic work you continue to do!

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