Coronavirus Community Fund

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19th March 2020
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20th March 2020

Coronavirus Community Fund

The Coronavirus Community Fund has been established to support community groups through this unprecedented time.

The focus of the fund will be to offer community organisations emergency funding to deal with emerging issues in the community as a result of the continuing threat of coronavirus.

The fund will support the following:

 Community organisations that are preparing themselves to appropriately respond and continue their work in a difficult work environment, and to tailor their specialist services to give help to the people who need it the most

 The development of advice and support initiatives to fill gaps for people and places where there are no current suitable services

 Groups that provide vital community support to maintain some level of viability through these uncertain times where they are experiencing a significant loss of income as a result of the current crisis. Groups must:

 Be based in North Yorkshire, York, East Riding of Yorkshire or Hull

 Have a management committee with at least 3 unrelated members

 Be a voluntary organisation, community group, small charity or other not for profit organisation

 Have a bank account in the group’s name (with two unrelated signatories)

Grants are available of up to £2000 however the fund has two clear streams of activity and groups can only include up to £1000 costs under each stream. You can apply under either stream 1 or 2 or both streams 1 and 2.

Stream 1 – Is about costs relating to delivery of your activities and supporting beneficiaries directly–you can include costs here of up to £1000. Examples of what you might apply for under stream 1 include:-

o Providing telephone support as an alternative means of keeping in touch with your beneficiaries.

o Volunteer/ transport costs to provide food/medicine deliveries.

o Costs of providing web based advice or activity for beneficiaries.

o Equipment to help benficiaries access web based activity

o Any initiative that will help ensure vulnerable people remain safely connected with the outside world during this time.

Stream 2 – Is about your organisational running costs or overheads – you can include costs here of up to £1000. Examples of what you might apply for under stream 2 include:-

o Rental costs o Heating, lighting, water rates

o Stationery, small capital items, internet 2

o Lap tops or other equipment to enable home working

o Staff costs

For more information visit the Two Ridings Community Foundation

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