Hull: New court order to tackle aggressive beggar

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19th November 2018
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20th November 2018

Hull: New court order to tackle aggressive beggar

New court sanctions have been imposed on one of Hull’s most aggressive beggars as part of ongoing work to tackle antisocial behaviour in the city.

PC Scott Greenwood applied for additional conditions to be imposed on 42-year-old Matthew McNamara, which ban him from begging anywhere in the Humberside force area and from entering Princes Avenue.

The order also states he must not behave or incite others to behave antisocially, or in a way that’s likely to cause others harassment, alarm or distress.

He’s also banned from drinking alcohol in any public place in the force area other than licensed premises.

And, if he breaches any of these conditions before the order runs out on May 4, 2020, he could find himself in prison.

PC Greenwood said: “Matthew McNamara is a persistent and aggressive beggar who has caused a lot of problems for residents and businesses in Princes Avenue.

“We know the impact that his behaviour has had and that’s why we have acted quickly to ask the courts to change his order, as removing him from the area will have a hugely positive impact.

“We’re also helping him to understand that he we will not tolerate him making others feel uncomfortable or uneasy and that he has to change his ways.”

Mr McNamara is currently serving a 24 week prison sentence for numerous breaches of his previous Criminal Behaviour Order and is due to be released on December 12.

PC Scott added: “Our teams work closely with the council, health services and charities to reach out to people who find themselves on the streets and give them the support they need to rebuild their lives.

“However, when people are persistently begging or behaving in a way that’s causes distress to others who are trying to go about their business, then we will take action.

“Since Mr McNamara has been in prison, the area has looked and felt a much better place to be and we will continue to act swiftly to deal with anyone whose behaviour impacts on this.”