Humberside Police: Humber Talking initiative

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22nd October 2018
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22nd October 2018

Humberside Police: Humber Talking initiative

Message from Humberside Police:-

Humber Talking, our initiative to speak with everyone in the force area to find out what matters to them, is getting some great results just a couple of weeks after it launched.

We have so far knocked on 1,600 doors in the Beverley Road area of Hull, with around 450 of you taking up the survey.

That’s more than 25% of every home we’ve visited. We have 9,000 homes to cover in our first phase of this so you’ll be seeing us all the time.

A lot of people weren’t in so we’ve left a card to let you know we’ll come back, because everyone’s opinion matters to us.

We will be rolling this out across the whole of our force area.

The information we gather will help us improve the area where you live, identify vulnerabilities and help others.

At the touch of a button our officers can use the data on a daily basis to pinpoint exactly what and where the issues are – whether that be a street, a school, a shop, or a park – and help us address those issues along with the council and our other partner agencies.

Once you take the survey, which is digital and will only take 10 minutes, we can respond and interact with you directly about your own individual concerns in your own specific geographical area.

For instance, some issues that have been repeatedly raised are fly-tipping, street drinking, and problems caused by alcohol.

We have an operation in place in the Beverley Road corridor to combat alcohol-related problems, and we have submitted an application to the licencing committee which will restrict the number of new off-licences being opened in the area.

The council are already tackling fly-tipping through their street cleaning teams. This is the kind of information we want so we can tell you what we’re doing and what results we are getting.

This is also an opportunity for you to make a difference in your own communities. By actively letting us know what your concerns are, we and our partners can actively help you to make a change where you live.

We’ll be popping round to have a chat and hear what you have to say. Be part of the conversation. #humbertalking​

Please watch our video below: