This page is full of useful advice and links to community safety partner information, that can be used towards creating safer environments in which to live and work

31st October 2018

How to report a crime

Did you know that there are a range of crimes that you can report online such as hate […]
5th September 2018

Love Your Street project – Hull

Love Your Street Hull City Council is undertaking an environmental standards improvement project within priority streets within the […]
6th April 2018

Finding a trustworthy tradesperson

Source: Sainsbury’s Bank – Money Matters (   The kitchen needs renovated, you’d like the bathroom ceiling repainted, […]
28th February 2018

Playing out sessions

What is Playing Out?   Playing out sessions use temporary road closures to allow children to play freely […]
29th January 2018

Protect yourself from Flooding

Content coming soon!
29th January 2018

Motorcycle Security

MOTORCYCLE SECURITY Valuable bikes are at risk – fork locks are being broken and some parked bikes are […]
8th November 2017
Drone laws NNetwork Hull

The law on using Drones

Drones – What are the rules with them? What are they?  What are they used for? In 2015 […]
23rd August 2017
Hate Crime

Hate Crime

The police and the courts treat hate crime very seriously.  Hate crime is upsetting for victims and their […]
8th May 2017

Unwanted mail and telephone calls

Receiving unwanted mail and telephone calls can be distressing especially if the recipient is elderly and/or vulnerable.  We […]
8th May 2017
Protecting Your Vehicles and Cycles

Car & Van Security

Your vehicle may feel like a safe place – perhaps even your own little bubble full of comforts and […]
8th May 2017
Protecting Your Home and Garden Featured Image

Protecting your home and garden

Homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with […]
8th May 2017
Protecting Your Business Featured Image

Protecting your Business

Unfortunately, businesses are more at risk of crime than private households, due to the various opportunities they present […]
8th May 2017
Personal Safety Featured Image

Personal Safety

Personal safety is a topic that concerns many of us, especially women.  We have highlighted some safety tips […]
8th May 2017
ASB & Noise Nuisance Featured Image

ASB & Noise Nuisance

Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that causes harm to an individual, to their community […]
8th May 2017
No Fly Tipping Featured Image

Fly Tipping

Download the Fly Tipping leaflet here Fly tipping is the dumping of waste onto land illegally instead of […]
8th May 2017
No Cold Calling

Doorstep Calling

Door Sales can be a real nuisance at times, calling at inconvenient times and being extremely persuasive and […]
1st September 2016

Neighbourhood Network – Resources

Content coming soon
18th May 2016

Communicating Through Social Media

Social media scams With the popularity of social media continuing to boom, it’s no surprise that it’s considered […]
18th May 2016

Modern Day Slavery

Modern slavery is real. It is happening in our communities across the Humber area. An unseen crime, it […]
18th May 2016


Last updated: 13th June 2017 Depending on whether you would like to apply for a small grant to […]
18th May 2016
Community Clear Up

Organise A Community Clean Up

A community clean up is a great way to show that your group cares about your local environment, […]
18th May 2016
Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Fire Safety   Whether you live by yourself or with your family or friends, everyone in your home […]