Seven arrested in Op Yuletide crack down

Hull: Knuckleduster, suspected stolen goods, drugs and cash seized
21st December 2018
Hull: Theft from vehicle
21st December 2018

Seven arrested in Op Yuletide crack down

Message from Humberside Police:-

Seven criminals who thought they could dodge justice by failing to turn up for court appearances have received a festive surprise from us – a free trip before the magistrates!

As part of Operation Yuletide we have actively targeted those who did not attend Magistrates Court to answer charges ranging from assault to drink driving.

And, as a result, two of them will now be spending Christmas behind bars.

Another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, found himself in even more hot water when he was found to be in possession of what’s believed to be heroin when we picked him up for assault.

The courts ordered him to complete a community order and we also further arrested him on suspicion of possession of Class A drugs. He has now been released pending further enquiries.

Inspector Matthew Wilson, who lead the operation said: “As a result of our festive operation seven people who thought they could get away with simply not turning up at court to face the music for their crimes have found out that’s just not the case.

“We know the impact that crime and antisocial behaviour has on our communities and we won’t stand for it.

“The aim of this operation was to show criminals that their actions do have consequences and they can’t run away from them – and to give the rest of the community an early Christmas present by taking them off the streets and bringing them to justice.”

The other six who found themselves before the courts were:

  • Mason Blackburn, 21, of Bellingham Road, Scunthorpe, was remanded into prison for four months. He had failed to appear before court for breaching a suspended sentence order.
  • Carl Medforth, 53, of Anlaby Road, Hull, was jailed for 25 weeks after breaching a suspended sentence by calling 999 and abusing emergency services call handlers. The suspended sentence was activated after he admitted breaching an antisocial behaviour order prohibiting him from abusing 999 call handlers.
  • Kathryn Lockley, 61, of High Street, Gainsborough, was given a 12 month community order. She has failed to attend court for drink driving.
  • Kurt Caldeira, 43, of Colton Street, Hull, was given a 26 week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. He had failed to attend a drug assessment appointment that had been one of the conditions of a previous court order imposed for stealing clothing from Mothercare.
  • Gavin Meyerhoff, 33, of Great Union Street, Hull, was jailed for 12 weeks, suspended for 18 months, with a six month drug rehabilitation order.
  • Phillip Kelsey, 30, of Moorfoot, North Bransholme, was fined £80 with £300 costs and a £30 victim’s surcharge after admitting to dumping controlled waste from a vehicle.
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